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DCOMmentaries Bonus Episode: STU SHOUTOUT

In a VERY special episode, DCOMmentaries' Al & Val were joined by screenwriter and professor, Stu Krieger, the writer of DCOM favorites including Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and Smart House, as well as childhood tearjerker, The Land Before Time. Hear all about how Stu got the job writing Zenon, his collabs with Steven Spielberg and what advice he has for aspiring writers.

Stu's DCOMs: Zenon (1999)

Smart House (1999)

Phantom of the Megaplex (2000)

Rip Girls (2000 - Uncredited)

Zenon: The Zequel (2001)

The Poof Point (2001)

Tru Confessions (2002)

Gotta Kick it Up (2002)

Going to the Mat (2004)

Zenon Z3 (2004)

Now You See It… (2005 - Uncredited)

Cow Belles (2006)

Stu's Ted Talk - Choose Joy

Stu's Novel - That One Cigarette (Upcoming Novel - RAFT) STU SHOUTOUT Merch

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