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FEATURING: Best Random Ever

We're so proud of all of our member shows and teams. And in this new series, we're going to check in with them to see how the experience has been so far. Today we check in with Best Random Ever, produced & hosted by Carly Heiser (aka See_Twoo)

Best Random Ever is a Twitch stream / YouTube web series hybrid covering the skills to become a better player and random teammate in Apex Legends and how those lessons can be applied to many aspects of life.

BRE wrapped the live first season. Starting today we will be releasing the episodes on our YouTube channel so you can prep for when season two returns. Each season builds on the one prior so don't miss out!

Ep 2 - FLOW

Read what Carly had to say about her experience making the show and working with Trident:

How long have you been a part of Trident?

I am a founder!!

What initially drew you to Trident?

Val is super cool and we are great co-creators so I knew I needed to help bring Trident to life with her.

What was the inspiration / origin story for your show?

I play a lot of video games online and I believe learning how to be a better teammate helps me exist better in all relational spaces.

What is your favorite part of the experience of putting up your show?

Putting up the show allowed me to explore a formal show format and a different way of streaming than I was used to. It stretched my capabilities as a streamer and opened up new possibilities for me.

What is a memory from working on the show that stands out to you?

BRE was the first time I ever sat on stream and just talked, with no game or anything separating me from the audience. And it turned out I had a lot to say and it was the perfect time to do that.

What are you most proud of about the show?

My favorite episode might be the episode on Perspective. It was another show where I did not drop into the game, but just had a talk and expressed what had been on my mind at the time. I think I framed my point of view really well and had a lot of good points that were related back to games.

What is something you learned through the process of producing your show?

I learned that I was able to show up consistently and actually produce a show. And that I can produce a show that fits me and my style of creation and doesn't have to be something that is not that.

What is something you are looking forward to about your show?

I'm looking forward to expanding my capacity and getting more creative. I'm looking forward to more moments of truth and also some wild new things while being live.

Check out the first two episodes:

Best Random Ever will be back to its LIVE iteration on our Twitch channel on Tuesdays at 2pm CT on 2/22/22.
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