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Get Involved: Join Our Video Branch

As you might know, The Trident Network has three prongs (get it?!) One of them is video, which is featured on our YouTube channel. We are looking for more contributors for this particular prong and there are several ways to get involved.

Ongoing Opportunities

We love to expand our member network and if you're interested in joining there are two ways you can do so.

Join as a Video Team

If you and/or some pals love making shorts, sketches, or any kind of short-form content and would like a platform for your work besides your own personal accounts, let's work together.

Start an Ongoing Web Series

Got an idea for a regularly released pre-taped show? It could have a home on Trident. Let's make it happen!

One-Off Opportunities

Don't have time or interest in a long-term relationship? That's fine with us. We still would love to work together.

One-Off or Seasonal Web Series

If you have an idea for or have already filmed a season of a web series, we can work to help you get your series completed and promoted.

One-Off Video Release

Made one or a few pieces that you don't know what to do with? Let's put them on Trident and see if we can't get some more eyeballs on your work.

We hope to have the opportunity to work with you!

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