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How to Support Trident: Snag some Merch!

We've written before about how our business model, in an effort to be as accessible as possible, does not bring in any direct income. We hope that if you believe in what we're doing and/or enjoy our content, that you'll consider supporting us. If you're looking for a way to support Trident or even a specific show or member team AND you're wanting something cool in return, buying some merch from our shop is a great option!

We Have Trident Merch!

We have everything from shirts to totes to mugs to hats that feature the Trident logo or our podcast, live show, and video icons. You can peruse our shop or you can put "icon" into the search bar to pull up all our logo pieces.

Our Members Have Merch!

Every single one of our member shows and teams is represented in our shop with at least a sticker, but several of our popular shows have entire lines of merch:

We don't just have tee shirts or stickers either! We have mugs and aprons and baby onesies and more. Don't miss out on repping your favorite Trident crew!

We could not do this without your support. You, alongside our creators and fans, are the beating heart of The Trident Network. Thank You!

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