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The Tourney Pod Presents...Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead: A History

Brackets are typically our style, right? We like a structure, and we like your input. But sometimes when we talk about the subjects of our tournaments, other things come up. And those things sometimes inspire you to ask for our input on things. This episode, Ewan McGregor & Mary Elizabeth Winstead: A History, is one that was born out of a moment like that.

We weren’t able to exactly pinpoint when someone asked this question, but on one of our episodes long ago, Nia brought up the courtship between Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ewan McGregor, Fargo stars-turned-lovers. And a couple of you mentioned that you wanted to hear the full story. And after months and months of promising we’d talk about it, we finally did.

There’s not much to break down in a blog post that isn’t broken down in the podcast itself. These were two famous people who fell in love and had to break up with their significant others because of it. A classic Hollywood scandal. But for whatever reason, it hasn’t gotten as much tabloid press as some other Hollywood scandals of the same lineage. Even with the release of Obi-Wan Kenobi and their shared performance in Birds of Prey, this seems to be one Hollywood scandal that doesn’t tickle the fancy of many grubby onlookers. But it tickles our fancy! So we decided to talk about it.

Here’s the bottom line: we don’t know either of these people. We are fans of both (before and after their relationship). Everyone loves juicy celebrity gossip, and this story is kind of full of it! So sit back, relax, and learn all about two stars who learned so much about each other that they decided to blow up their lives to learn about each other forever (that works, right?)


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