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The Tourney Pod Presents...The SNL Draft

A year ago, The Tournament Podcast asked you which SNL Cast Member was the best SNL cast member. And while we both agree with your choice of Will Ferrell, we both have our favorites who we secretly think are the best. In discussing what should be one of our bonus episodes for the month of September 2022, we found ourselves talking about the upcoming season of Saturday Night Live (which starts October 1st). And then we had a really great idea: what if we drafted our dream SNL cast? And then what if we asked you who drafted the better cast?

Well, that’s exactly what we did. The parameters:

  • Your cast has to have 12 cast members on it

  • 6 of those cast members must be men, 6 must be women

  • You get a 13th cast member as your Weekend Update host (and they CANNOT double as a regular cast member)

  • You get to pick three hosts

    • One host must be in the 5 Timers Club

    • One host must have hosted at least once but no more than four times

    • One host must be a debut host

  • You get to pick three musical guests

    • One MG must be in the MG 5 Timers Club

    • One MG must have MG’d at least once but no more than four times

    • One MG must be a debut MG

We had a ton of fun with this one, and we hope that many of you would have picked many of the same folks that we did (especially Phil Hartman, suggests this author). Check out the episode here, and then let us know who picked the better cast!


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