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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Winter Olympic Event

Well, well, well, look who came crawling back (hint: it’s YOU). Yes, the publicly announced rumors are true: The Tournament Podcast is back, and we’re ready to get controversial. There are still a million tournaments we want to do–from the MCU to more stuff about The Beatles to cereal–and in due time, we will do those things. But when we were deciding when to return from our hiatus, we saw a timely opportunity. Returning in February is one thing, but to do it in 2022 meant we had to dive into something that doesn’t come around all that often: The Winter Olympics.

You know from our Summer Olympics episode that we are both big fans of the Olympics as a whole. We love watching sports we’d never watch otherwise; we love watching Dream Teams take center stage; and we love becoming patriotic for three weeks out of the year. The Winter Olympics started over the weekend, and the USA already has three silver medals (as of this typing!). And while we’re just as hyped as we were a couple of months ago for the Summer Olympics, the Winter Olympics present very different conditions comparatively.

Obviously, most of the sports in these Olympics involve ice or snow. But beyond that, most sports are individual or pair endeavors, with the notable exception of hockey being a full-blown team sport. And finally, there are only fifteen official events in the Winter Olympics. Yes, each has their own events within them (100m, 500m, pairs, four-team, M, W, etc.), but this is a significantly fewer number of sporting events than the Summer games. The Winter Olympics asks us to focus our attention on only a few sports rather than a million (read: ~40), all while being cozied up in our homes.

We, of course, make predictions of our own, but just like sports, anything can happen. Will a mainstay like figure skating win? Or can fan favorite curling sneak up and grab the gold. And why the heck is it called skeleton and must they really be face down for it? There’s only one way to find out, and that’s to vote your butts off all week. The fate of the Winter Olympics is in your hands. Do you believe in miracles? #TeamUSA

Vote here!

Voting Schedule:

Sweet Sixteen: Monday 2/7, Tuesday 2/8 til 10pm PT

Elite Eight: Wednesday 2/9 til 10pm PT

Final Four: Thursday 2/10 til 10pm PT

Championship: Friday 2/11, Saturday 2/12 til 10pm PT

Winner reveal (and "Marry Me" release) on Monday 2/14 just in time to KISS!!

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