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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/14/21 - 8/20/21


Episode 3: Ariel Sinha

Trident's newest show asking which choice is the best in an improv scene with special guest Ariel Sinha

Episode 5: Tokyo Olympics Pt 2

The Good Game Gang goes back to Tokyo and talks their favorite events

Season 1 Episode 6: A Goofy Movie

Host Devin and guests Adisa Williams and Jazmin Robinson question Goofy's parental fitness in Disney's A Goofy Movie

Episode 39: Best MTV's The Challenge Competitor

BONUS: A History of CT and Johnny Bananas


This week we welcomed our newest resident video team, Attic Fever, to the network. Check out their first batch of sketches!


Find out who won at improv this week!


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