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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/16/22 - 1/22/22

We haven't done a weekly round-up post in a few weeks so here's what you missed over the holidays and this past week!


Across the Universe

Laura and Julie got back with The Beatles in jukebox musical, Across the Universe

A Very Marvel Christmas

Devin continued the march into Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe

Season 3 Episode 26: Shang Chi (ft. Serra Naiman & Clint Cannon)


Season 1 of Best Random Ever is being released in web series form over the next few weeks. The 3rd & 4th episodes, covering Teamwork and Presence, are out now


Justin was joined by Neftali Morales, Cait Rogan, and Rob Grabowski for some dumb, stupid fun this week!

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