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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 10/10/21 - 10/16/21


An American Haunting

The PCPP ladies continue their October spooky streak with An American Haunting

Cam Herdt

BFFS Trent & Cam go to a turtle convention

Season 2 Episode 4: Monster's Inc

Devin is joined by Tourney Pod hosts Nia & Trent on a trip to Monstropolis

Best Succession Character

Succession is back so we must know who is the best


D*CKS Web Series

D*CKS dropped their ninth and final episode, The Shower. Make sure you watch til the end for a surprise!


Do It Well

The Monday FUN-day premieres kicked off with Do It Well's Spooky themed talk show

*We apologize for the lost audio at the beginning of the episode - it kicks back in around the 6min mark

Find out who won at improv this week!

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