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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 2/5/23 - 2/11/23


Pop Culture Period Piece


Laura and Julie are still feral for Farrell and they're watching the live action Dumbo for exclusively that reason

Smashing Game Time

#058 - Concerned Apes

The Coffmans are entering 2016 via Stardew Valley



Al & Val went back to space with Disney Channel trilogy-ender Zenon: Z3


Stupid Games Stupid Prizes

Justin celebrated the upcoming Super Bowl and hit us with some Spotify hits!

Our Gay Pirate Show - by B!tcherton

Vivian & Fiona are back with episode 3 of Our Flag Mean's Death and we're raving over Spanish Jackie

****>>>>VOTE FOR US<<<<****

The Trident Network is up for The Reader's Best of Chicago awards! It would mean a great deal to us if you would take a moment to vote for us in the Best Original Digital Content (Theater) category!

While you're in the ballot, keep an eye out for some other folks and projects we think very highly of:

  • Elias Rios (Photography)

  • Whitney Wasson (Comics Writing & Illustration)

  • Hannah McDonald (Poetry)

  • You Are Here Show (Storytelling)

  • Sheena Laird (Choreography)

  • Nikki Hartung (Comedian - Non Standup)

  • Riff (Sketch/Improv Troupe)

  • Logan Square Improv or Annoyance or Bughouse or iO or Second City (Improv Venue)

  • Sex and the Windy City (Musical)

  • Max Thomas (Stage Actor)

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