UPCOMING: Trident Trivia - Feeling '22!

Monday, January 31st is the next installment of Trident Trivia: Feelin' 22 (aka The Year 2000). Tune in and test your knowledge!

WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/16/22 - 1/22/22

Disney Adult marches on through Marvel, PCPP went Across the Universe. Best Random Ever talked teamwork & presence. Plus SGSP got stupid.

Newsletter 1/17/22

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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/9/22 - 1/15/22

Podcasts, Web Series, Sketches, AND live shows all in one week! Starting the year off right!

FEATURING: Best Random Ever

Best Random Ever is a Twitch stream / YouTube web series hybrid. Starting today we will be releasing the episodes on our YouTube channel

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WEEKLY+ ROUND-UP: 12/12/21 - 1/8/22

We haven't done a weekly round-up post in a few weeks so here's what you missed over the holidays and this past week! (HINT: IT WAS A LOT)


Today we check in with Trident Live Show, Forgot to Mute - Tune in tonight for their first show of the year!

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Today, we check in with DCOMmentaries, produced and hosted by Allie Ring and Val Agnew, reviewing every Disney Channel Original Movie

DCOMmentaries Episode 21: The Other Me

In their 21st episode, DCOMmentaries Al & Val dove into some real magical science Disney Channel's in The Other Me (2000)

Newsletter: Happy Holidays

From all of us at The Trident Network, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season

DCOMmentaries Episode 20: Quints

In their 20th episode, DCOMmentaries Al & Val are joined by special guest, Erika Hakmiller to discuss Disney Channel's Quints (2000).

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Two podcast season premieres!