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Tonight is the premiere of Pilot Season, where 3 improvisers and 3 writers enter a live stream and they walk away with a sitcom pilot


This afternoon is the premiere of The Spark, a talk show hosted by twitch streamer C2, finding the brightness in conversation

TONIGHT: Inconceivable Talk Back

Inconceivable Podcast season one wraps this week. In celebration, the creators and cast are coming together for a special live event.

ONE NIGHT ONLY: Resistance is Fertile

Tuesday, June 14th marks our first ever live event stream. Tune into our Twitch to catch the entire benefit show, Resistance is Fertile.


Tonight is the premiere of B!tcherton on Trident's Twitch. Do you love romance? Drama? Period costumes? This is the watch-along for you!

FEATURING: I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier

We're so proud of all of our member shows and teams. Today we check in with I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier, our first multi-platform show!

UPCOMING: Trident Trivia - Books!

Monday, April 25th is the next installment of Trident Trivia. This month's theme is BOOKS

Best Random Ever: Season 2 LIVE

Our resident gamer, See Twoo (aka Carly Heiser) is back on Twitch TODAY with season two of Best Random Ever.

UPCOMING: Trident Trivia - Feeling '22!

Monday, January 31st is the next installment of Trident Trivia: Feelin' 22 (aka The Year 2000). Tune in and test your knowledge!


Today we check in with Trident Live Show, Forgot to Mute - Tune in tonight for their first show of the year!

UPCOMING: Trident Trivia - Disney

Tune in Monday, November 29th at 7pm CT for Trident Trivia! This month's theme is DISNEY!


YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO THE D*CKS WR*P P*RTY! Tuesday, November 16th at 8:30pm CT on Twitch

FEATURING: The Elevator Showcase

Today we check in with The Elevator Showcase, produced by Ashley Whitehurst and Bruce Holtman.

INTRODUCING: Trident Trivia

Monday is the premiere of Trident Trivia, a monthly pub quiz you can play from the comfort of home!

INTRODUCING: The Witching Hour

In this monthly installment, Emma & Kayla guide their audience through Arcanas, Astrology, & more, without taking themselves too seriously

INTRODUCING: Stupid Games Stupid Prizes

Tonight's the premiere of Stupid Games Stupid Prizes, the dumb answer to all of today's smarty pants quiz shows. Just stupid fun.

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