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DCOMmentaries Episode 50: HALLOWEENTOWN HIGH

Al & Val are joined by special guest, Sam Patel, to go back through the magic portal for Disney Channel movie, Halloweentown High (2004).

DCOMmentaries Episode 49: TIGER CRUISE

Al & Val set sail for Disney Channel movie, Tiger Cruise (2004). Starring Hayden Panettiere and Bill Pullman

DCOMmentaries Episode 48: Stuck in the Suburbs

Al & Val are joined by pal, Mad to drive out to the burbs for Disney Channel movie, Stuck in the Suburbs (2004). Starring Danielle Panabaker

DCOMmentaries Episode 47: Zenon: Z3

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val returned to space for Disney Channel movie, Zenon: Z3 (2004), starring Kirsten Storms, Ben Easter, and Raven Symone

DCOMmentaries Bonus Episode: STU SHOUTOUT

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val were joined by screenwriter and professor, Stu Krieger, the writer of DCOM favorites including Zenon & Smart House

DCOMmentaries Episode 44: Cheetah Girls

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val sang along to Disney Channel movie, Cheetah Girls (2003), starring Raven Symone

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