Today, we check in with DCOMmentaries, produced and hosted by Allie Ring and Val Agnew, reviewing every Disney Channel Original Movie

DCOMmentaries Episode 21: The Other Me

In their 21st episode, DCOMmentaries Al & Val dove into some real magical science Disney Channel's in The Other Me (2000)

DCOMmentaries Episode 20: Quints

In their 20th episode, DCOMmentaries Al & Val are joined by special guest, Erika Hakmiller to discuss Disney Channel's Quints (2000).

DR. PANTS: Season Two Kick-Off

Amazing news! Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand is back with another incredible story

DISNEY ADULT: Season Three Kick-Off

The Disney Adult podcast is coming back for season 3! In A Very Marvel Christmas, there'll be a new episode EVERY DAY in December!

DCOMmentaries Episode 19: Ready to Run

In their 19th episode, DCOMmentaries podcast hopping into the starting gate with Ready to Run (2000)

FEATURING: The Tournament Podcast

An interview with featured podcast, The Tournament Podcast, produced and hosted by Trent Dozier & Nia D'Emilio

DCOMmentaries Episode 17: Miracle in Lane 2

In their 17th episode, DCOMmentaries podcast rode the emotional rollercoaster (or soapbox derby?) that is Miracle in Lane 2.

DCOMmentaries Episode 16: Rip Girls

In their 16th episode, DCOMmentaries podcast went surfing with Rip Girls(2000).