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DCOMmentaries Episode 64: High School Musical 2

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val are joined by special guest, Phylicia McLeod, to enjoy summer vacay in Disney Channel movie, High School Musical 2

DCOMmentaries Episode 62: Jump In!

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val skip some rope with Disney Channel movie, Jump In! (2007), starring Corbin Bleu and Keke Palmer

DCOMmentaries Episode 60: Read it and Weep

In their 60th episode, DCOMmentaries' Al & Val make a triumphant return from strike solidarity with Disney Channel movie, Read it and Weep!

DCOMmentaries Episode 57: High School Musical

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val are joined by special guest Phylicia McLeod to FINALLY watch Disney Channel movie musical, High School Musical.

DCOMmentaries Episode 56: Cow Belles

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val had to get a summer job with Disney Channel movie, Cow Belles (2006).

DCOMmentaries Episode 55: Twitches

DCOMmentaries' Al & Val discovered a secret twin and a magical DCOM with Disney Channel movie, Twitches (2005).

DCOMmentaries Episode 53: Go Figure

Al & Val were joined by guest Damon Royster to pit glitter against grit with Disney Channel movie, Go Figure (2005).

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Anjalivision - a TV review and interview podcast hosted by Anjali Misra, a writer and community organizer, and pop culture trivia savant

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