WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 2/13/22 - 2/19/22

Love in history. Love in space. Love of sport. Love of games. Love of self. and Love of fun.

WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 2/5/22 - 2/12/22

Romance, Olympics, Christmas, Apex Legends, International Shipping - what do they have in common? TRIDENT

WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/30/22 - 2/5/22

The Tourney Pod returns! Disney Adult wrapped S3, PCPP & Trivia celebrated history, and Forgot to Mute and Elevator Showcase had a blast!

WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/16/22 - 1/22/22

Disney Adult marches on through Marvel, PCPP went Across the Universe. Best Random Ever talked teamwork & presence. Plus SGSP got stupid.

WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 1/9/22 - 1/15/22

Podcasts, Web Series, Sketches, AND live shows all in one week! Starting the year off right!

WEEKLY+ ROUND-UP: 12/12/21 - 1/8/22

We haven't done a weekly round-up post in a few weeks so here's what you missed over the holidays and this past week! (HINT: IT WAS A LOT)