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PODCAST PALS: Meet Our Podcaster Friends

If you've visited our Podcasts page, you may have seen some podcasts labeled as "Friend." Along with member podcasts that we assist in producing and publishing, we also have podcast pals who are independent producers, but who make great shows we want to boost to our audience. Today we have three shows we'd like to tell you about.

The Music Video Podcast

The Music Video Podcast is a weekly podcast diving deep into music videos by non-experts Chris Coffin and Ryan Burkett. Usually joined by a guest host, the guys hilariously break down a different music video or artist in each episode.

Episode Recommendation:

Episode 39: TLC with guest Phylicia McLeod is sincerely Crazy, Sexy, and Cool

The Tiny Little Late Show

The Tiny Little Late Show is a short and sweet just-the-jokes late show podcast. Every week the team of writers put together a late night style monologue and producer/host Sammy Tamimi performs it for your enjoyment.

Episode Recommendation:

May 7, 2021: The inaugural monologue will have you rolling for 4min straight!

Dr. Fix Me

Dr. Fix Me is an improvised comedy inspired by tabloid talk shows. Each week features new guest improvisers who take on characters and Michael Kim Lewis, as Dr. Fix Me, figures out how to help.

Episode Recommendation:

Episode 70: Patty the Painter Considers Retirement - featuring Christina Salesberry, Linda Orr, Austin Guttery, Danielle Seright, & Wes Davis

Want to give your pod a boost? Get in touch and let's be friends!

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