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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/14/22 - 8/20/22


Smashing Game Time

Your Father is Alive

Pop Culture Period Piece

An American Tale

Julie & Laura continue Animation August with An American tale

Sparks of Madness

The Bright Side with Julie's Mom

I Love Improv! with Trent Dozier

Molly Kessler

Trent and former teammate, Molly Kessler went to the mall in this week's episode

The Tournament Podcast

Best Cereal: Bracket Reveal

Trent & Nia are back on their food sh*t with the king of breakfast - CEREAL


Stupid Games Stupid Prizes

SGSP featured some Trident heavy hitters this week


The Duchess and Viscount wrapped their season with a happy ending in Season 2 Episode 8 of Bridgerton

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