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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Cereal

Scenario: It’s Friday morning. You’re ten years old. It’s almost winter break, and you feel very cozy in your pajamas. You and your siblings make your ways downstairs to the kitchen table before your last day of school. At each of your seats is a bowl that has milk, a spoon, and…flakes? Crisps? Rings? Pops? What else is in the bowl?

If you haven’t picked up what I’m putting down yet, I’m here to explain. Cereal is, some might say, the backbone of the American breakfast experience. And which cereal is your favorite, while strictly up to personal preference, can be controversial when you’re among friends or foes. Maybe you grew up in a house where there were multiple boxes for multiple family members since none of you could agree on shapes or flavors. Whatever your background with cereal, we’re sure it’s a hill you’ll die on.

We’d be completely out of bounds if we claimed that this tournament was our idea. While we have many food tournament ideas (because we both love food), this one was actually the brainchild of one Natalie Kindler, friend and #1 A-Tourney at Pod. You might know her as the winner of our James Bond movie title contest. Natalie was a ground floor A-Tourney, and before we even released our first episode, she was coming up with ideas. And after literally a year, we finally landed on cereal.

On our 100th episode, we discussed how food episodes are our favorite kinds of brackets. All bets are off with food brackets, and people often have the most fiery opinions because food is literally what keeps them alive. So what’ll it be? Tried and true Cheerios? Gross Applejacks? Crown Prince of Cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Dark horse Golden Grahams? You tell us. Vote here.

Opening Round: Monday 8/15 & Tuesday 8/16 (until 10 pm PST)

Elite Eight: Wednesday 8/17 (until 10 pm PST)

Final Four: Thursday 8/18 (until 10 pm PST)

Championship: Friday 8/19 & Saturday 8/20 (until 10 pm PST)

Winner Reveal: Monday 8/22 on a brand new episode of the podcast!

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