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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/7/21 - 8/13/21


Episode 4: The 2020 Olympics Part 1

What is the history of the Olympics and who were the athletes to watch

Episode 5: The Lion King

Does this iconic film from our childhood hold up?

Episode 6: Toxic Masculinity (ft. Audrey Schiffhauer)

Cait & Audrey discuss the construct of gender and how it leads to toxicity

Episode 11: Don't Look Under the Bed

Al & Val face off with bogey people with special guess Carly Heiser

Episodes 37: Best One Hit Wonder Bracket Results

Trent & Nia are joined again by special guest Steven Hix to break down the voting

Episodes 38: Mini Bracket: Frozen I vs. Frozen II

Let it Go vs. Into the Unknown


Multitalented Trident member Ariel Sinha joins Trent and discusses grounded scenes and whether you should go with your first idea or the next

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