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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/7/21 - 8/13/21


Good Game

Episode 4: The 2020 Olympics Part 1

What is the history of the Olympics and who were the athletes to watch

Disney Adult

Episode 5: The Lion King

Does this iconic film from our childhood hold up?

Equally Funny

Episode 6: Toxic Masculinity (ft. Audrey Schiffhauer)

Cait & Audrey discuss the construct of gender and how it leads to toxicity


Episode 11: Don't Look Under the Bed

Al & Val face off with bogey people with special guess Carly Heiser

The Tournament Podcast

Episodes 37: Best One Hit Wonder Bracket Results

Trent & Nia are joined again by special guest Steven Hix to break down the voting

Episodes 38: Mini Bracket: Frozen I vs. Frozen II

Let it Go vs. Into the Unknown


The Elevator Showcase

I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

Multitalented Trident member Ariel Sinha joins Trent and discusses grounded scenes and whether you should go with your first idea or the next

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