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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 7/10/22 - 7/16/22


Significant Bowel

In the 2nd Installment of Inconceivable, two friends discuss motherhood

A Halloween Carol (Ch. 2)

Halloween in July comes to a close in the final chapter of A Halloween Carol

The Dig

Julie & Laura return for Season 2 with Netflix's The Dig

Tru Confessions

Al & Val take on a more serious DCOM in this week's episode


Devin is joined by Joe Fitzpatrick and Brooke Hartnett to talk Disney classic, Dumbo

Best I Think You Should Leave S2 Sketch

Trent & Nia re-enter the I Think You Should Leave universe for season 2


The Witching Hour

Em and Kayla discuss talk letting go of things that don't serve us in this week's episode

The Dutchess and Viscount explore the what sisters will do for eachother in Season 2 Episode 4 of Bridgerton

Trent was joined by rule-breaker Kennon McKinney in this week's wild and crazy I Love Improv

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