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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: I Think You Should Leave Season Two

This one’s long-awaited, so let’s just get right into it. Last year, we ranked all 32 sketches from Netflix’s I Think You Should Leave in an effort to determine which one was best. You voted and, to our surprise (which has become the norm here at #TheTourneyPod), you chose “The Day Robert Palins Murdered Me.” Yes, we learned that the bones are their money, but we also learned that people were itching for conversations about Tim Robinson’s greatest artistic work to date.

Season Two of the show came out a while ago, but we wanted to wait until we had ample time to digest it before we ranked and predicted. So, here it is. The I Think You Should Leave Season Two bracket. And it’s up to you to pick which one you think is the best.

While we tend to agree with the LA Times’s analysis that S2 is a little more “somber” than the first season, there’s no shortage of laughs in the sophomore season of the sketch show–even amidst the tears. From Karl Havoc to Johnny Carson to a doll named Tammy Craps, Tim and our boy Zach have managed, yet again, to produce sketches that strike an impossible balance between devastating and hilarious. We’ve also got some repeat customers (marry me, Tim Heidecker) as well as some “new” but incredibly familiar faces like Bob Odenkirk and John Early.

And even though we’re both comedy freaks, there’s no way we could do this alone. That’s why this week’s guest is our very good friend and major A-Tourney at Pod, Andy Urschel. We love Andy, and if you want to hear more of what he has to say about pop culture subjects, check out his podcast, Slumber Podcast Massacre. It’s not that scary!

So, what’ll it be? Cosmic gumbo? Shirts from Dan Flashes? Fedoras with safari flaps? Pick your poison. We’ll do our best to predict what you’ll choose in our new episode, but we’ll also remember the most important lesson of the season: People Can Change. Vote now!

Opening Round: Monday 7/11 & Tuesday 7/12 (until 10 pm PST)

Second Round: Wednesday 7/13 (until 10 pm PST)

Elite Eight: Thursday 7/14 (until 10 pm PST)

Final Four: Friday 7/15 (until 10 pm PST)

Championship: Saturday 7/16 (until 10 pm PST)

Winner Reveal: Monday 7/18 on a brand new episode of the podcast!

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