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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 9/11/21 - 9/17/21


I Love Improv

Episode 5: Jorin Garguilo

Trident's newest show discussing the internal logic of scenes

Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand

The Good, The Bad, The Proletariat (Ch. 2)

The second half of Dr. Pants' first book

Equally Funny

Season 1 Episode 9: White Feminism

Host Cait and Ashley Whitehurst discuss the origins and toxicity of White Feminism in the season finale

Disney Adult

Season 1 Episode 10: Mulan

Host Devin and OG guests Andy Meholick & Sarah Blantz dive into the beautiful world of Mulan in the Renaissance Era season finale!

The Tournament Podcast

Episodes 47 & 48: Best Hollywood Chris


D*CKS Web Series

D*CKS dropped episode five, Bottle Episode. Watch them now and stay tuned for a new episode every Thursday.


Forgot to Mute

Find out who won at improv this week!

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