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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best Hollywood Chris

We here at The Tournament Podcast are always striving to talk about things that are relevant to you, the A-Tourneys at Pod. Everybody eats, so we ask about pizza and pasta. Everyone’s heard music before, so we ask which decade and which one hit wonder are the best. On this week’s episode, we thought: everyone’s seen at least one movie or TV show before. What if we ask them which Hollywood Chris is the best Hollywood Chris? It amused us both, so we’re doing it.

If you’re up to date on all things Hollywood, or if you’ve seen one Marvel movie in your life, then you’ve been exposed to at least a couple of the Hollywood Chrises. Captain America, Thor, Star-Lord, and Captain Kirk are all played by the four biggest Chrises in Hollywood: Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, and Pine. Of course, there are more Chrises than these four (Chris Messina, we loved you in Sharp Objects), but much like the Four Gospels, these Four Chrises are the patron saints of Hollywood Hunks.

Each of these Chrises has come to fame in different ways, and you might be partial to one of them because he plays one of your favorite non-superhero roles (Chris Evans as Ransom Drysdale, are you kidding me?). Or maybe you’re deeply invested in the Pratt drama when it comes to his controversial association with the Hillsong church. Maybe Pine was your childhood crush because he was in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, or maybe you like Hemsworth because he’s not freakin’ Liam. However you’ve come to know the Four Chrises, we know you’ve got opinions. If you didn’t have opinions, we wouldn’t be running the tournament.

So we ask you, as humbly as possible, to tell us which Hollywood Chris is the best Hollywood Chris. Vote here!

Voting Schedule:

Final Four Voting: Monday 9/13 + Tuesday 9/14

Championship Voting: Wednesday 9/15 + Thursday 9/16

Winner reveal on a brand new episode, Friday 9/17!

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