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Welcome to the Trident Network!

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hey friend! It seems you've found your way to our website. Welcome! We're so glad you're here.

Where is here?

The Trident Network is a digital entertainment network that features three prongs (get it? Trident?) of content types:

  1. Video - Pre-filmed, edited content to be featured on our YouTube channel

  2. Live Shows - Streamed in-the-moment to our Twitch channel

  3. Podcasts - Audio entertainment accessible on all major podcasting platforms

Why are we here?

The Trident Network is here to provide a platform and a community for digital content creators. We are also here to help connect those content creators with new audiences. Our vision for the future is a giant community of digital artists and fans supporting and enjoying each other!

How will we get there?

By doing everything we can to make ourselves accessible to contributors and to fans. We are doing our best to eliminate barriers to entry to contributors to our platform.

  • No membership fees

  • No required, expensive classes

  • No audition process

If you have an idea, we're here to assist you in getting it into the world.

We also do not charge for access to our channels. Our audience members can watch and listen for free. It is their choice if they want to support our work.

Who is "We?"

The Trident Network is very fortunate to have an incredible leadership team. Each member of the advisory board and founding staff has a passion for entertaining people and brings a different point of view and type of experience to the table. Together we are doing everything we can to realize the Trident vision.

Stay Tuned

If you're into what we're up to here at The Trident Network, the best thing you can do now is follow & subscribe on our channels so you are notified when we put up something new. We'll announce new releases and share our show schedule so you won't miss a thing!

Thanks for coming by! See you soon!

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