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Improvised DCOM

Presented by Malarkey Comedy

Dive into the nostalgia of Disney Channel Original Movies with the cast of Improvised DCOM! This All Star cast is bringing screen to stage every Friday night with classic 90's & 2000's references, bits, and musical nods. Grab some popcorn, set the DVR, and remember—We're All In This Together!

Created and inspired by the hit podcast DCOMmentaries (Val Agnew & Allie Ring).

Improvised DCOM: Welcome

Meet The Cast

Improvised DCOM: Team Members

James Alcock

originals-tarae-IMG_1082 - Tara Egan_edited.jpg

Tara Egan

Michael Erickson Headshot (1).jpg

Michael Erickson

Avery Ford HS - Avery Ford_edited.jpg

Avery Ford

Elizabeth Fulton_Headshot - Night Rats Productions_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Fulton

Caleb_Gibson_Headshot_Long - Caleb Gibson_edited_edited.jpg

Caleb Gibson

Headshot_Taryn - Taryn Gomez.jpeg

Taryn Gomez

Pro Headshot - Ziv Haikin_edited.jpg

Ziv Haikin

Heather_Mari_Headshot - Heather Mari_edited_edited.jpg

Heather Mari

jamiemciheadshot (1) - Jamie McInerney.JPG

Jamie McInerney

_MG_8932 - Takahana Miller_edited.jpg

Taka Miller

DianaSmithHeadshot - Diana Smith_edited.jpg

Diana Smith


Shane Tolomeo

Andreas Tsironis New Headshot 2_edited.jpg

Andreas Tsironis

Jordan Zelvin Headshot 1 - Jordan Zelvin_edited.jpg

Jordan Zelvin

Screen Shot 2023-07-28 at 8.03.27 AM.png

Produced by Malarkey Comedy

Directed by the hosts of

DCOMmentaries Podcast

Screen Shot 2023-07-28 at 8.58.51 AM.png

Located at iO Theater

Improvised DCOM: Projects
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