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Trident Live Show Opportunities

Resident Shows

What we're looking for in a show: we are open to all genres and styles, but we aren't interested in negativity or hate of any kind. All of our live shows are digital-first - meaning they focus on making the best presentation and experience for the online audience.

What we're looking for in a partner: you are passionate about your show and willing to put in the work to make it great. You are excited to be an active part of the Trident community.

You Provide:

  • A show idea

  • Show Producer / Showrunner

  • Ability to run tech for your show (ideally)

Network Benefits:

  • Marketing, cross-promotion, & distribution logistics

  • Community membership & support

  • Assistance with show design & technical production if need be

The Fine Print

YOU ALWAYS OWN YOUR SHOW - you have final call on all decisions and you can always take your show elsewhere. We look at all our resident shows as partners from whom we are licensing the distribution rights

Digital Stage Managers

We are always looking for more people who are willing and able to run our streamed shows. We can provide training for anyone interested who doesn't already know how to use OBS. As long as your computer has the processing power, you should be able to do the job.

We are looking for people to add to an as-needed substitute tech roster as well as people who would want to run tech regularly on one or more shows.

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