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Trident Podcast Opportunities

Member Podcasts

What we're looking for in a show: we are open to all genres and styles, but we aren't interested in negativity or hate of any kind. Trident podcasts bring positivity to the world.

What we're looking for in a partner: you are passionate about your show and willing to put in the work to make it great. You are excited to be an active part of the Trident community.

You Provide:

  • A podcast idea or an already created podcast

  • Show Producer / Showrunner

  • Ability to record & edit (ideally)

Network Benefits:

  • Coverage of publishing costs & logistics

  • Marketing & cross-promotion

  • Community membership & support

  • We can also connect you with engineers and editors if need be

The Fine Print

YOU ALWAYS OWN YOUR SHOW - you have final call on all decisions and you can always take your show elsewhere. We look at all our member podcasts as partners from whom we are licensing the distribution rights for their shows

Friend Podcasts

If you have already been publishing your podcast for a while and don't want to move it. Or if you just prefer to be independent from the start, we can still partner. We will put a link to your show on our podcasts page and occasionally promote you as a "friend."

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