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We are very proud and excited to announce our newest web series premiere! The Trident Network has partnered with the creators of Neat Freaks to showcase their amazing work.

Created by Elyse Ruppert, Erica Green, and Ashley G. Robbins, Neat Freaks is the story of three very different women - Trixie, Jill, and Amber - who find themselves working together to build a closet organization startup.

The first season is available to stream on Trident's YouTube Channel.

Pilot - Trixie gathers the Neat Freaks leadership team for the first time at her home office, and their compatibility as co-workers is questionable.

Jill-ousy - Jill tries to communicate her desire for professionalism in the workplace; Amber and Trixie try to get to know Jill better.

Restraining Order - The Neat Freaks organize the home of a high profile client who just so happens to have a history with Amber.

Keep up with Neat Freaks on instagram for updates, behind the scenes footage, and more!

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