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(TWO)WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 3/27/21 - 4/9/21



Season 1 Episode 3: We Don't Wanna Work

Matt & Phylicia talk about unlearning jobs & careers


Episode 2: You Lucky Dog

Al & Val watch You Lucky Dog so you don't have to! Hot takes, movie "magic," regrettable childhood crushes, and a new game!

The Tournament Podcast

Episodes 1 & 2: Best Streaming Services

How did the bracket breakdown? Did the 1 seed win?


Happy to Be Here

Happy to Be Here released their first batch of sketches!

Snack City Utah

Snack City, Utah also released their first batch of sketches!


The Elevator Showcase

The Elevator Showcase held their second preview as a part of Showcase Wednesdays!

Tenn & Peller's Improv Comedy Half Hour

Cam & Trent had their first preview as a part of Improv Thursdays!

Catch up on everything you may have missed each Friday!

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