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Updated: Apr 24, 2021

We'd like to introduce Trident podcast DCOMmentaries. Produced and hosted by Allie Ring and our founder Val Agnew.

Show Description: Val and Allie set out on a journey to watch every Disney Channel Original Movie and share the experience with you. There will be stories. There will be games. There will be heartwarming realizations that you were always a winner, just by being you.

Get a taste of what the show will be like from DCOMmentaries' trailer and welcome episodes:

DCOmmentaries dropped their first movie breakdown TODAY. See what they thought of Under Wraps.

You can subscribe and listen to DCOMmentaries on all major podcasting platforms. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review. It helps the podcast be found by more folks.

You can keep up with DCOmmentaries on Instagram (@DCOMmentaries). Play games, including DCOM BINGO along with your hosts!

Download your own BINGO card!

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