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INTRODUCING: The Tournament Podcast

We'd like to introduce Trident podcast The Tournament Podcast. Produced and hosted by Trent Dozier and Nia D'Emilio.

Show Description: The Tournament Podcast forces some of pop culture's touchstones into one of the world's favorite past times: a tournament to determine what's best! New episodes every Monday and Friday.

Get a taste of what the show will be like from The Tournament Podcast's trailer:

Tourney also dropped their first bracket TODAY. Listen here then go vote!

You can subscribe and listen to The Tournament Podcast on all major podcasting platforms. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review. It helps the podcast be found by more folks.

You can keep up with The Tournament Podcast on all major social platforms (even Tik Tok!) as @thetourneypod. You can (and should) email them at to suggest brackets and just to chat.

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