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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 4/24/22 - 5/7/22


Sparks of Madness

Talkin' Bout Jazz with Damon Royster

Maria & Julie premiere their new show with a story from Damon Royster

Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand

Poe Country for Old Men

The new season of Dr. Pants is a collection of short stories, a la Edgar Allan Poe

Pop Culture Period Piece

Laura and Julie wrapped up sports month with Cinderella Man and opened up romance month with Bridgerton Season 2

Disney Adult

The Haunted Mansion

Devin was joined by Alonso Ramirez and Kristen Aviles to break down the oft forgotten Haunted Mansion movie.


The Poof Point

Al & Val got scientific with Disney Channel's The Poof Point, starring Tahj Mowry and Mark Curry.

The Tournament Podcast

Trent & Nia snapped the answer to Marvel's most difficult question into existence and then opened up a new can of worms with last week's best restaurant chain bracket.


Roll Models

Roll Models brought us a new take on the metaphor at the center of Don't Look Up.

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