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DR. PANTS: Poe Country for Old Men

Amazing news! Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand is back with a collection of Edgar Allan Poe-inspired short stories.

Poe Country for Old Men, features a non-invasive collection of Poe-inspired stories which includes The Mask of Amontillado, Raven, The Goldish, Maybe Bronze, Bug, and The Tell-Tale Hearty Upper Lip.

Listen now wherever you find your podcasts (or right here)


Written by Ean Smith (@marcusdayhooray).


Matt Storino (@StorinoMp)

Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_)

Ashley Whitehurst (@ashleymdub)

Susan Day

Alex Campbell (@likethesoup92)

Travis Marsala (@travismarsala)

Jeremy DeAntonio (@jeremydeantonio5)

If you haven't listened to books one and two, you can catch up now

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