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INTRODUCING: Sparks of Madness

Introducing Trident podcast Sparks of Madness, a storytelling podcast aiming to expose the moments that create change in our personal journeys, pulling from experiences and memories that forever altered how we think, feel and live. Maria Konopken and Julie Schmerbeck provide a safe space for guests to tell their stories in their own authentic voice, discussing those little sparks in our lives that make us unique, while bridging together the human experience full of hardships, triumphs and many laughs.

Get a taste of what the show will be like from PCPP's trailer:

They also dropped their first full episode TODAY, with guest Damon Royster.

You can subscribe and listen to Sparks of Madness on all major podcasting platforms. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review. It helps the podcast be found by more folks.

You can keep up with Sparks on Instagram as @sparksofmadnesspodcast

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