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WEEKLY+ ROUND-UP: 12/12/21 - 1/8/22

We haven't done a weekly round-up post in a few weeks so here's what you missed over the holidays and this past week!


A Muppet Christmas Carol

Laura and Julie celebrated the holidays with arguably the best version of A Christmas Carol

I, Tonya

Laura and Julie got chilly for biopic I, Tonya

The Moulin Rouge

Laura and Julie flew to Paris for musical The Moulin Rouge

Book 2 Chapter 3

Dr. Pants wrapped his second book, Murder on the Eastern Asia, Specifically Japan, -Bound Express

You can also listen to the full book, uninterrupted:


Al & Val we joined by special guest Erika Hakmiller to talk about movie magic in Disney Channel's Quints, starring Kimberly J Brown


Al & Val also enjoyed some more multiplicity in Disney Channel's The Other Me, starring Andy Lawrence

Emily Walters

Trent & Emily came in HOT with some smokin' improv and discussions of improv auditions and team formations

Tournament of Champions

Trent & Nia had the tournament of tournaments - pitting all previous winners against each other for some delightful chaos

A Very Marvel Christmas

Devin continued the march into Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe

Season 3 Episode 11: Avengers: Age of Ultron (ft. Garrett Kelly & James Dugan)

Season 3 Episode 12: Ant Man (ft. Garrett Kelly & Andy Meholick)

Season 3 Episode 13: Captain America: Civil War (ft. Alex Prichodko & Andrew Lemna)

Season 3 Episode 14: Dr. Strange (ft. Jordan Mullins & Emily Serruto)

Season 3 Episode 15: Guardians of the Galaxy (ft. Miguel Rodriguez)

Season 3 Episode 16: Spiderman: Homecoming (ft. Chris Coffin & Ryan Burkett)

Season 3 Episode 17: Thor: Ragnarok (ft. Phylicia McLeod)

Season 3 Episode 18: Black Panther (ft. Jillian Ebanks, Adrienne Brandyburg, & Adrienne Brown)

Season 3 Episode 19: Avengers: Infinity War (ft. Andy Junk & James Dugan)

Season 3 Episode 20: Ant Man and the Wasp (ft. Paula Skaggs & Josh Linden)

Season 3 Episode 21: Captain Marvel (ft. Miranda Rosas & Kennedy Baldwin)

Season 3 Episodes 22 & 23: Avengers: Endgame (ft. Val Agnew, Michael Erickson, & Trent Dozier)

Season 3 Episode 24: Spider Man: Far From Home (ft. Kathy D'Onofrio & William Woods)


This week's contestants Jesse Gomez, Paige Love, and Michael Brackney brought the silly

The FTM crew debuted their new show night!

The last show of 2021 and the first show of 2022 were an absolute blast!

Trent wrapped the year with the incomparable Emily Walters

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