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We're so proud of all of our member shows and teams. And in this new series, we're going to check in with them to see how the experience has been so far. Today, we are excited to check in with DCOMmentaries Podcast, produced and hosted by Allie Ring and Val Agnew.

In DCOMmentaries, Al & Val are journeying through the entire Disney Channel Original Movie catalog and evaluating them through a current, albeit nostalgic lens.

Read what Al & Val had to say about their experience:

How long have you been a part of Trident?

Al: Since it's creation!

Val: Since it's founding ;)

What initially drew you to Trident?

Al: Being able to work with incredible creators, and have an opportunity for growth in all three prongs of the Trident!

Val: What drew me to creating Trident was seeing an opportunity to build an artist community that was different in its support and openness and also offered a different slate of entertainment to fans.

What was the inspiration / origin story for your show?

Al: Val had been watching DCOMs during lockdown and wanted to host a special podcast all about them after going through that journey! She asked me since we had been wanting to work together FOREVER! I'm a huge Disney and DCOM fan and now we get to hang every other Tuesday—it's an absolute dream come true.

Val: I had always wanted to create a podcast and I knew that now Trident created the perfect opportunity. I was watching a DCOM one day during the early part of the pandemic, and I just had a lightening bolt that watching and talking about these silly tv movies could be an engaging and fun topic. And the only person who could co-host was Allie. She is a Disney nut and so effortlessly funny.

What is your favorite part of the experience of putting up your show?

Al: Being able to have fun with my pal Val while getting to rewatch some classic DCOMs!

Val: Experiencing the organic development of the show and Al's and my dynamic as hosts. We had a general structure in mind when we started, but elements popped up naturally and we fell immediately into my play-by-play mentality and her color commentary. Also I have never laughed as hard as during our recording sessions.

What is a memory from working on the show that stands out to you?

Al: Interacting with stars of DCOMs on Instagram! It's always fun when they recognize our hard work. That and Peach Bellini!

Val: I have two. The first is Al going accidentally viral on Tik Tok, just cause it was wild and such a rush. And the second is every time she says something that absolutely broke me during our recording sessions. We know each other so well, but we can still surprise each other and that is so fun.

What are you most proud of about the show?

Al: I love coming up with games for the end of each episode, since they're new every episode! I also love that we play Bingo! It keeps watching the movie a bit more interactive.

Val: That we have people that not only listen to the show, but reach out to us to react to things we've said or opinions we've had. Al and I always say we'd do this even if no one was listening, but it is really cool to create something that people do enjoy.

What is something you learned through the process of producing your show?

Al: It's a lot of hard work! Shout Out to Val who produces and edits all of our episodes. She is a rockstar and we do not deserve how hard she works for all of us!! I also have found out I love color commentating!

Val: I've learned a ton about audio editing. But perhaps more importantly I've learned a lot about what people remember or latch on to when we do our episodes. Another editor might cut out a lot of our personal stories or silliness, but that is typically what people connect with on our show.

What is something you are looking forward to about your show?

Al: Getting Famous! And being able to get a "Press Pass" at the D23 Expo one year. Also Val having kids while we're still making DCOMmentaries and they grow up with us!

Val: Seeing how the show evolves and changes as we move through the different eras of movies. Not just practical things like probably having to update our BINGO card, but also just will the show be different when I or even neither of us can relate from a nostalgic point of view anymore. All I know is it's going to be fun.

Get a taste of what the show is like from DCOMmentaries' trailer & welcome episode:

Check out their most recent episodes (you can also find them on all podcasting platforms)

If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts & Spotify. It helps the podcast be found by more folks.

You can keep up with DCOMmentaries on Instagram & Tik Tok as @dcommentaries. You can also buy DCOMmentaries merch at our store.

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