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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 6/19/22 - 7/9/22


The Consultation

The first episode in our new series on infertility, created by Amanda ReCupido

A Halloween Carol (Ch. 1)

Dr. Pants is back with Halloween in July - totally logical

David Ibarra & Larence Nemeh

Maria & Julie welcomed two great storytellers in the last couple weeks

2010 Q2-4

The Coffmans wrapped 2010

Cadet Kelly

Al & Val went to military school with Hillary Duff and Gary Cole to cover Disney Channel gem, Cadet Kelly.

Snow White & Pinnochio

Devin launched season 5, all about the Disney classics

Best Flavor of Potato Chip & Best 90s Nicktoon

Trent & Nia answer the big question about potato chips and Nicktoons


The Dutchess and Viscount really dig into the characters' backstories in Season 2 Episode 3 of Bridgerton

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