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INTRODUCING: Inconceivable

Introducing Trident podcast Inconceivable a scripted narrative podcast about two best friends navigating different fertility challenges and the ups and downs that come with it.

Inconceivable is created by Amanda ReCupido (@amandarecupido). Amanda is a Chicago-based author, book reviewer and Moth storyteller with work in several humor and literary publications and recognized in various screenwriting competitions.

The cast includes Sheena Laird (Amy), Ben Hebert (Mike), Xyla Gatilao (Jessica), Katherine Wettermann (Nurse/Shauna), and Louie Cordon (Doctor/Ben/Corey). Inconceivable was directed by Val Agnew.

Get a taste of what the show will be like from Inconceivable's trailer:

They also dropped their first full episode TODAY.

You can subscribe and listen to Inconceivable on all major podcasting platforms. If you like what you hear, please leave a rating and review. It helps the podcast be found by more folks.

You can keep up with Inconceivable on Instagram as @inconceivablepod

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