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DR. PANTS: A Halloween Carol

Amazing news! Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand is back with a spooky installment.

In A Halloween Carol, A greedy business owner, Ebenezer Ivoryzer Scrooge, is visited by the spirit of his old partner on Halloween Eve to urge him to change his ways and give out candy at Halloween. He is visited by three Ghosts of Halloween during the night, who attempt to get him to see the value in being a part of the Halloween festivities.

Listen to the first installment wherever you find your podcasts (or right here)


Written by Ean Smith (@marcusdayhooray).


Matt Storino - Narrator, Marley

Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_) - Scrooge

Ashley Whitehurst (@ashleymdub) - Ghost of Halloween Past, Fredina, Belinda, Belle

Alex Campbell (@likethesoup92) - Ghost of Halloween Present, Gentleman, Michael

Jeremy DeAntonio (@jeremydeantonio5) - Ghost of Halloween Future, Gary Dahl, Clerk, Fezziwig

Susan Day - Mrs. Cratchit

Ean Smith - Gentleman, Peter

If you haven't listened to books 1-3, you can catch up now

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