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June 2 - June 9

7:00 PM CT

Trident's Guiding Principles


A Network in Two Ways

We aim to make it easier for artists to connect with fans & supporters as well as with creative partners

We believe both types of connections will help facilitate even more successful creativity


A Bridge vs. A Moat

We simply want to make it as easy as possible for our contributors to find fans and for our viewers to find fun content.

By lowering barriers to entry for creators we believe it makes it possible for more voices of all kinds to be heard.


A Rising Tide Lifts Us All

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The collective has a strength that no single member can wield alone.

We hope that by providing a means of showcasing great work and facilitating creative connection, we can build a community that lifts each other up and provides support and collective influence.

Join Us

We don't charge content creators. There are no required classes. We simply want to help amplify your voice and expand your network.

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