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We are very proud and excited to announce our first ever web series premiere! The Trident Network has partnered with the creators of D*CKS to showcase their amazing work.

Created by Tommy Spears, Rebecca Shrom, and Nolan Scates, D*CKS is the story of Terry, a straight-laced rule follower who finds himself unemployed and dumped on the same day. Desperate to find the next step, Terry partners with stoner actor friend Bruce, and recently divorced bad-girl Laura to found “D*CKS,” a millennial detective agency. The three friends trip and stumble their way through the absurd world of modern day adulthood, looking for a direction for their lives.

The first three episodes of the series dropped today and new episode will be released each Thursday.

Pilot - Terry finds himself without a girlfriend, a job, or a home on the same morning. Luckily, his best friend Bruce may have just the answer to the mystery of what comes next.

Laura's Song - The agency has their first client, Laura. Things get awkward fast when she asks the boys to spy on her ex husband.

Silent Killer - A theft at a local silent movie theatre has Bruce and Terry running all over town. Meanwhile, Laura revisits her old life. The chase is on!

Subscribe to Trident's YouTube Channel to never miss an episode! Keep up with D*CKS on instagram for updates, behind the scenes footage, and more!

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