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Get Involved with The Trident Network!

We've been introducing a lot of podcasts, video teams, and live shows here on Trident. And we are so excited and proud of each and every one. But you may be wondering how these folks got to be on Trident or how you might get involved. We already have several ways you can become a part of Trident or get your work featured in some way on the network.

Pitch Something

Do you have the next great podcast idea or live show concept*? Got a great video (or video team) or webseries you want to get more eyeballs on? Get in touch. It's that simple. We'll talk to you soon.

*We are particularly on the look out for music and game show ideas right now - if you have one please let us know

Share your Skills

If you're about to do anything from video editing to lawyering to web design to cinematography we would like you to tell us about yourself. We are putting together a roster of people with all kinds of helpful skills to our artists so that when they need assistance, we can throw you some business.

Perform & Guest

Elevator Showcase - Got 5min? 5min of music? 5min of stand-up? 5min of characters? A 5min video? Literally ANYTHING that fits in five minutes can submit to the Elevator Showcase.

Unlearning - Trident podcast, Unlearning is eager to hear your stories. If you contact them and share your experience on an episode topic, they might feature your story or even have you on as a guest.


Wednesday Night Live - Got an amazing sketch or a killer monologue joke? Contact the WNL and you might see your work on an upcoming show.

Mission Revision - Sitting on a television pilot? Submit it to Mission Revision for a chance to have your piece read in front of an industry professional and get their feedback.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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