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How to Support Trident: Keep Up With Us

Subscribe & Follow!

The single easiest (and free-est) way you can support The Trident Network is with your attention. Following and/or subscribing to our various channels both makes it easier for us to reach you when we have a new release or an update, but it also helps us get closer to qualifying for things like sponsorship. Just by clicking a button, you can have a huge impact on our members' creative future!

Subscribe to our YouTube

Our video branch lives on our YouTube Channel. If you subscribe, you'll never miss a new sketch, web series episode, or live show recording. Plus, you'll help us get closer to qualifying for ads and sponsorships, which will allow us to support more creative work.

Follow our Twitch

Following our Twitch Channel means you'll get notified each time we go live so you'll never miss a show. If you're really loving what you're seeing, you can also subscribe, which we'll elaborate on in a later article.

Keep Up with our Social Media:

Find us on all major social media platforms. We'll share updates as well as some of the creative work our members and friends are putting together.

We just started sending out a weekly newsletter--check out the first one--that contains the upcoming week's show schedule, what you may have missed from the previous week's releases and shows, plus other updates and news. Subscribe to never miss a thing!

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