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INTRODUCING: D*cks Web Series

The Trident Network's video branch features filmed content of all genres and types. We are proud to share the work of both our member teams, one-off releases by friends of the network, and today, we are pleased to introduce our first member web series.

We are very excited to introduce web series D*CKS. Created by and starring Nolan Scates, Tommy Spears, and Rebecca Shrom.

D*CKS is the story of Terry, a straight-laced rule follower who finds himself unemployed and dumped on the same day. Desperate to find the next step, Terry partners with stoner actor friend, Bruce, and recently divorced bad-girl, Laura, to found “D*CKS,” a millennial detective agency. The three friends trip and stumble their way through the absurd world of modern day adulthood in this hysterical web series about young adults looking for a direction for their lives.

D*CKs is midway through production and needs some additional financial support to close out the project. If you have a few dollars to spare to help them finish strong, please donate via their PayPal.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming fundraiser event and for new episodes coming in August.

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