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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 8/21/21 - 8/27/21


Disney Adult

Episode 7: Pocahontas (ft. Steph Callaghan & Jake Dierksheide)

Devin and his guests wade into a fraught story

Equally Funny

Episode 7: Mental Health (ft. Maria Konopken)

Cait & Maria get vulnerable on the heavy topic of Mental Health


Episode 12: Horse Sense

Al & Val went to the ranch with the Lawrence brothers

The Tournament Podcast

Episodes 41: Best MTV's The Challenge Competitor Results

Trent & Nia are joined again by special guest Bryce Dozier to report the results

Episodes 42: Mini Bracket: Austin Powers

Which of the trilogy is the best?


The Elevator Showcase

I Love Improv with Trent Dozier

Trent brings in the ringer, Nia D'Emilio, out of retirement to discuss playing children and parents and whether breaking is ok


D*CKS, our first ever web series is premiering NEXT WEEK! The first three episodes will drop on Thursday, then one episode per week each subsequent Thursday. GET EXCITED!

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