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How to Support Trident: Podcast Reviews & Referrals

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Help others find our podcasts!

Our podcasts represent one of our three main prongs of content. They run the gammut of format and subject matter and are available across all major podcasting platforms.

Now that we have a solid and growing library of episodes under our belt--and more new podcasts coming soon--we now need your help to spread the word about our amazing pod roster!

Leave a Review

Apple podcasts is still the largest podcast listening platform, and shows with lots of positive reviews (five stars + written comments) get boosted in their algorithm.

By taking a couple minutes out of your day to leave five stars and write a sentence about why you like the pod, you will be immensely helping any show you review.

All our Pods on Apple:

Spread the Word

A lot of podcasts are discovered in places like Reddit and Facebook interest groups. However those same places often have rules against self-promotion. So you can be a great help to any of our podcasts by sharing why you love them with people who might have the same interests or taste.

Of course also just telling a friend about a pod you're loving listening to is an easy and very effective way to spread the word as well.

Follow & Subscribe

If you don't feel comfortable or don't have time to do the previous suggestions, you can still help us immensely by subscribing/following our podcasts on whatever platform you use for podcast listening. Having more followers or subscribers also helps our show become more discoverable.

Financial Support

We have a Patreon and we sell merchandise (and soon will have podcast-specific items in our store). Becoming a patron or buying merch will help support all of our efforts, including the hard work of our amazing podcasters!

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