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DR. PANTS: Season Two Kick-Off

Amazing news! Dr. Raymond Pants' Books-on-Tape-on-Demand is back with another incredible story.

In Murder on the Eastern Asia, Specifically Japan, -Bound Express, a murder appears to have been committed during a power outage on a luxury passenger submarine during World War II, Inspector Poiror begins his investigation to find the culprit, or culprits, before they arrive in Eastern Asia, specifically Japan.

Chapter one dropped today


Written by Ean Smith (marcusdayhooray).

Dylan Carey (@_groovebox_): Narrator, Captain Starboard

Fee Basanavicius (@fbasanavicius): Carol von Berg

Alex Cambell (@likethesoup92): Richard Texas

Travis Marsala (@travismarsala): Inspector Poiror

Susan Day: Lucille von Berg

Ashley Whitehurst (@ashleymdub): Joyce

Jeremy DeAntonio (@jeremydeantonio5): Dark Haired Man, Todd

Ep. Sponsor: Intersteller Church of Science

- Ashley Whitehurst: Mom

- Alex Campbell: Kid 1

- Jeremy DeAntonio: Tyler, Neighbor

- Susan Day: Kid 2

- Fee Basanavicius: Announcer 1

- Travis Marsala: Announcer 2

- Dylan Carey: Doug

Theme song: Secret Garden by Eugenio Mininni

If you haven't listened to book one, that took us to the wild west, you can catch up now wherever you find your podcasts.

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