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WEEKLY ROUND-UP: 7/31/22 - 8/6/22


The Reveal

In the season finale, everyone comes together and all is revealed


Two brothers instead of three, take on Players this week

The Imitation Game

Julie & Laura do some maths with Benedict Cumberbatch this week

Derry Queen

Justin Embry

Trent and old pal, Justin get physical in this week's episode

Lady and the Tramp

Devin, Rudy Mendoza, and Kevin Ruth get romantic with this Disney Classic

Best Family Guy Character

Trent & Nia pit the entirety of Quahog against each other in this week's bracket


SGSP hits high scores and giant upsets on this week's episode

The Dutchess and Viscount attend the Ton's most awkward wedding in Season 2 Episode 6 of Bridgerton

Inconceivable Talk Back

The creator, cast, and crew came together to discuss the making of Inconceivable and where it might go next

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