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DCOMmentaries Episode 17: Miracle in Lane 2

In their 17th episode, DCOMmentaries podcast rode the emotional rollercoaster (or soapbox derby?) that is Miracle in Lane 2. Starring Frankie Muniz, Miracle in Lane 2 tells the true story of Justin Yoder and his journey to learn about and change the sport of soapbox racing.

Al & Val are joined this week by Nia D'Emilio of The Tournament Podcast as part of our first ever Crossover Week! Listen to The Tourney Pod's episode on the best early era DCOM stars and then vote in their bracket (more information below).

No BINGO, but a lot to talk about nonetheless

Listen to The Tourney Pod's bracket reveal episode:

Al & Val created the bracket this week and guested on the episode. You can vote here and make sure your favorite wins!

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