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The Tourney Pod Bracket Reveal: Best First Era DCOM Actor

We do a lot of wacky tournaments here at The Tournament Podcast. Sometimes, they’re listener-requested, but most of the time, the subjects of our tournaments are purely self-serving. I mean, we did MTV’s The Challenge and The Beach Boys back-to-back. We’re not above self-indulgent decision-making. We’re also not above nepotism, and that’s why this week’s episode of The Tourney Pod features two very special guests: Val Agnew and Allie Ring.

Who are Val & Al™? Well, if you’ve listened to the trailers at the beginning of our episodes, or if you listen to other podcasts here on The Trident Network, you’ll know that these two ladies are the incredible hosts of DCOMmentaries, a podcast where Val & Al™ take you on a journey through Disney Channel Original Movies. Since Nia is a guest on their podcast this week to talk about the film Miracle in Lane 2, we thought a crossover was in order.

Now, you know us. We can’t make things easy. Even though Val & Al™ have covered exactly sixteen movies so far in their journey (a bracket-friendly number), we thought we’d make the tournament a little more interesting. So, in honor of the era of DCOM that has been covered on DCOMmentaries and in honor of our long history of ranking actual human beings, we decided that this week’s tournament would focus on eight iconic actors who played our favorite characters in the original DCOMs.

From Halloweentown to Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, from heartthrob Ryan Merriman to heartthrobs The Lawrence Bros., this bracket truly has everything a millennial DCOM fan could want. All it needs is a couple votes to seal its fate. And as always, that’s where our A-Tourneys at Pod come into play. So join us on an epic crossover event, and vote here every day this week.

Voting Schedule:

Elite Eight: Monday 11/1, Tuesday 11/2

Final Four: Wednesday 11/3

Championship: Thursday 11/4

Winner will be revealed on a brand new episode of the podcast on Friday 11/5!

And after you listen to this episode of our podcast, head over to DCOMmentaries and listen to the latest episode on Miracle in Lane 2 (Frankie Muniz’s first film of substance?!).


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